Transaction Monitoring

Suspicious Activity Detection

Our transaction monitoring system scans transactions to detect unusual and suspicious activities. The system uses machine learning to detect any patterns that deviate from the expected norm. These unusual and suspicious activities are reported using alerts and system notifications. Our transaction monitoring system can be connected to your core banking system via API integration. This allows your core banking system to communicate with the transaction monitoring system to help identify suspicious transactions. API integration allows the two systems to communicate seamlessly.

The system automatically detects suspicious transactions such as structuring and smurfing. Such transactions are identified and placed in the review area for further assessment. Rules can be set in the system to help identify specific transactions that pose systemic risk to the institution. Regulatory reporting functionalities within transaction monitoring system allows you to submit Currency Transaction Reports (CTR) and Suspicious Transaction Reports (STR) directly to regulators. The system automatically suggests which transactions require CTR filling and which ones require STRs filling.

Automated Monitoring

Monitor transactions automatically using a proprietary algorithm that can be adjusted to your risk environment.

AML Rule Settings

Set AML rules based on your compliance program and monitor transactions according to your established requirements.

Risk Assessment

Effortlessly monitor transactions by relying on automated AML settings in the system to screen every transaction.

Real-Time Detection

All transactions are monitored in real-time using automated risk detection technology.

Quick Response

Real-time monitoring allows for real-time response using automated system settings to make informed decisions.

Regulatory Reporting

Automatically generate and send CTR and STR reports to regulators without a hassle.

Detect suspicious activities in real-time using automated AML rule setting.

Discover Real-Time Automated Screening

Detect and identify suspicious activities in a real-time and take action in real-time.

Automated Risk Screening

  • AML Rule Settings
  • Transaction Thresholds
  • Auto Risk Analysis
  • Auto Approval
  • Auto Decline
  • API Integration

Customer Screening

  • Suspicious Patterns
  • Suspicious Behavior
  • Suspicion Prediction
  • Structuring Detection
  • Smurfing Detection

Transaction Screening

  • PEP Screening
  • Sanctions Screening
  • Adverse Media Screening