E-Screening Access

Accessing Data via E-Screening

E-Screening is one of the four options through which users can access the World-PEP Database. E-Screening is the easiest, quickest, and most affordable way to access the World-PEP Database. This option allows the user to access the World-PEP Database directly on the internet using the KYC E-Screening system. E-Screening does not require any software installation because it is a cloud-based solution. E-Screening allows users to access both PEP and Sanctions data from any country in the World. The E-Screening option is best for institutions that do not have a PEP/Sanction screening database or looking to replace their current provider.

E-Screening provides a quick and easy way to search the World-PEP Database. Users can conduct different types of enquiries, including full name search, alias name search, associate search, and family member search. Users can also access adverse media information directly from the World-PEP database. The E-Screening system allows users to add their own list to the database and customize it to their preference. One of the key features of the E-Screening system is the audit trail functionality which allow users to see the number of searches and types of searches that have been conducted in the system.


Access PEP/Sanctions data directly from a cloud-based solution anytime from anywhere.

Quick and Easy Access

Quickly and easily access PEP/Sanctions data using a world-class bespoke platform.

No Software Installation

Access PEP/Sanctions data directly from the E-Screening platform without the need for software installation.

Alias Name Search

Find PEP/Sanctioned entities in the World-PEP Database using their full name, alias name or other names.

Associate Search

Easily and quickly search for close associates and family members of PEP/Sanctioned entities.

Adaptable and Flexible

Customize the E-Screening platform by adding your own list and make changes according to your preferences.

Empower your staff with the knowledge and expertise they need to perform their duties.

Choose how to Access your PEP/Sanctions Data

The World-PEP Database can be accessed in four different ways. Choose the option that’s best for you.