Batch Screening Access

Accessing Data via Batch Screening

The World-Risk Database can be accessed through Batch screening within the KYC E-Screening solution. Batch screening permits users to upload a large amount of data and scan it through the World-Risk Database. This allows the user to get instant results for multiple searches at once without having to conduct the search one by one. This type of data search saves time and allows the user to focus on entities that pose the highest risk to the institution. Batch screening scans through PEP/Sanctions and Adverse Media and Adverse Media data.

The Batch screening platform within the KYC E-Screening solution is designed to accommodate large files of data. Users can upload up to 100,000 records at a time. The results of the search be can be downloaded from the system for internal use. The Batch screening result is very detailed and allows the user to see the results for each customer, including those who do not pose any risk. Batch screening is suitable for institutions that need to review a large number of customers. The Batch screening process can be automated or performed manually based on the preferences of the institution.

PEP Screening

Access Global PEP data when you conduct Batch screening in KYC E-Screening.

Sanction Screening

Quickly and easily access PEP/Sanctions and Adverse Media data using a world-class bespoke platform.

Adverse Media Check

Conduct Adverse Media check in the World-Risk Database during Batch screening.

Detailed Results

Obtain detailed risk assessment report with risk scores for each customer in your Batch list.

Automated Screening

Batch screening is an automated process that requires no human interference.

Large File Screening

Upload large files upload to 100,000 records at a time when conducting Batch screening.

Onboard large volumes of customers using a bespoke KYC platform with risk scoring capability.

Choose how to Access your World-Risk Data

The World-Risk Database can be accessed in four different ways. Choose the option that’s best for you.