Candidate Information

We keep records of all ACCPA Certified candidates permanently on file. Certified candidates are expected to re-certify periodically to keep their certification current. The information that appears in the table below is the official record held for that candidate. Candidates seeking to re-certify or update their information should contact ACCPA. Please contact ACCPA if you cannot locate your candidate information.

Verify candidates with confidence. We make it easy for employers and recruiters to verify our certified candidates.

Information About ACCPA Exam Candidates

When a candidate registers for the ACCPA Exam, we collect personal information about them. The information we collect is used for exam purposes only. ACCPA does not share candidate information with third-parties under any circumstance. ACCPA uses the information it collects about candidates to make it possible for employers and recruiters to verify their certification in a timely manner. ACCPA does not access or make use of any data collected from candidates except as necessary to provide verification services to employers and recruiters on this website.