ACCPA Certification

ACCPA Professional Certification Exam

The ACCPA Certification is the Gold Standard for corporate professionals worldwide. The ACCPA Certification is specifically intended for professionals who wish to gain expertise and in-depth knowledge in their field. The ACCPA Certification allows corporate professionals to gain confidence by being certified by a reputable global accreditation. With a wide range of professional specializations, the ACCPA Certification allows employers to certify their staff in multiple disciplines. This means employers can certify staff from different departments with ACCPA; they do not need to go through multiple vendors. Certified professionals have more confidence and are more knowledgeable than non-certified professionals.

Candidate Eligibility

The ACCPA Certification is open to professionals who wish to gain expertise and deepen their knowledge. Candidates are not required to have prior knowledge or experience before taking the exam. Those who have prior knowledge and experience will find the course very refreshing and enriching. Those with no prior knowledge or experience will find the course eye-opening and captivating. All candidates, regardless of the level of experience, are strongly advised to take their studies seriously. While prior knowledge is a great advantage, it is not the basis for passing the course. The basis for passing the course is studying hard and attaining a passing mark on the exam.

The Examination Process

The ACCPA Exam is administered directly on the internet via remote proctoring. Candidates are supervised for the exam by a remote supervisor who monitors the candidate's computer screen and environment to ensure that the exam is administered with the highest level of integrity. The exam is administered using screen share technology and webcam. The candidate's computer laptop should be equipped with have a working webcam. The maximum amount of time allowed for the ACCPA Exam is 3 hours and 20 minutes but the candidate can complete sooner than expected. The exam contains 100 multiple-choice questions with a passing score of 70%. Candidates who pass the exam successfully will receive an E-Certificate to authenticate and validate their certification.


The ACCPA AML Certification provides in-depth knowledge on AML/CFT compliance.


The ACCPA FRM Certification provides in-depth knowledge in Fraud Risk Management.


The ACCPA PIA Certification provides in-depth knowledge in Internal Audit and Internal Control.


The ACCPA ERM Certification provides in-depth knowledge in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).


The ACCPA CGE Certification provides in-depth knowledge in Corporate Governance and Ethics


The ACCPA CRM Certification provides in-depth knowledge in Credit Risk Management (CRM).

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