Course Syllabus

ACCPA offers over 100 certification courses in three languages (English, French, and Portuguese). All courses are offered in all three languages. The course catalog contains a list of all courses offered by ACCPA. The course catalog is updated frequently because new courses are constantly being added. Some courses come as a single-level course while others come as a multi-level course (i.e., level 1, 2, and 3). For multi-level courses, learners are expected to complete the courses in a successive order. This means the learner must complete the level 1 course before moving on to the level 2 course. Each course has a syllabus or outline that shows all the topics covered in that course. The syllabus or outline allows the learner to understand the course structure and layout before enrolling in the course.

The course enrollment process is straightforward and simple. The first step in the enrollment process is to make payment. Once payment has been made, the learner will receive their login details via email to access the course material. The course material is delivered through the ACCPA ELearning portal. The learner can access the course material at any time through their ELearning account. The course material comes with practice questions to prepare the learner for the final assessment. Learners are given 30 to 60 days to prepare for their final exam. Learners can choose to complete their course sooner if they feel ready to do so. Learners will receive a certificate upon completing the course.

Send an email to to request a course outline for any course listed in the course catalog.

ACCPA Courses are designed to provide the expertise and professional knowledge that will help enhance your career opportunities.

ACCPA E-Learning Course Catalog

We are constantly adding new courses to our E-Learning Catalog. Learners are advised to check back frequently to see newly added courses. Our course list has gotten longer as time goes by. We encourage employers and learners to let us know courses they would like to see in the course catalog and we will make them available. Most of the courses in our catalog were requested by employers and learners. We are currently working on new courses which will be released soon. There is no set schedule for releasing courses so learners will need to check back frequently.