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You are one step away from elevating your AML Compliance to a whole new level. Enhance your AML screening functionality with in-depth risk analysis. Get access to PEP and Sanctions data from every country in world, right at your fingertips.

KYC E-Screening

KYC E-Screening is a world-class risk intelligence solution that allows financial institutions to identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with PEP and Sanctioned entities from any country in the world.

World-Risk Database

The World-Risk Database is the world’s largest PEP/Sanctions and Adverse Media database that is trusted by financial institutions around the world. The World-Risk Database contains a verified list of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and Specially Designated Nationals (SDN).

Customer Onboarding

Onboard your customers using our automated AML risk scoring tool that is designed to identify customers that pose systemic risk. Don’t just onboard your customers. Onboard your customer with automated risk scoring.

Transaction Monitoring

Combat money laundering and terrorist financing by detecting suspicious patterns and activities. Monitor transactions closely and stay ahead of money launderers and terrorist financiers before they strike.

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KYC E-Screening Features

The KYC E-Screening Solution comes with a host of enterprise-grade features and functionalities.

Automated Alerts

Automated alerts are sent to users to notify them of positive matches and any unusual activities.

Batch Screening

The batch screening functionality allows users to screen a large number of customers through a single search.

Risk Management

Risk is managed using an automated risk scoring mechanism that allows for accurate and easy analysis of risk.

Audit Trail

Users can keep track of all searches and screening analysis that has been conducted in the system.

Similarity Index

False positive is reduced using a similarity index approach that ranks screening results according to risk priority.

Case Management

Users can manage risk cases by assigning different levels of risk categories throughout the life cycle of each case.

Ongoing Monitoring

Screened customers are continuously monitored in the system and flagged when there is a change in risk status.

Adverse Media

Negative media check is conducted on all customers during the onboarding process to assess their reputation.

User Management

Administrators have complete oversight of the activities of their uses and can set privileges for different users.

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