ACCPA Professional Training Program

The ACCPA Professional Training Program is used by many organizations in the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world to train corporate professionals. The ACCPA E-Learning solution meets international compliance standards and operates on the latest LMS technology developed in California. Our E-Learning solution allows learners to access their training courses no matter where they are located. The ACCPA E-Learning solution is excellent for delivering courses to off-site and on-site learners. Off-site learners can login at any time to complete their training courses without interacting with a trainer for help. On-site learners can login at any time to complete their courses on their own schedule without unnecessary pressure from a trainer.

As a global leader in E-Learning courses for corporate professionals, ACCPA is in a position to provide E-Learning courses to the staff of any institution - large or small. ACCPA can be relied upon to deliver E-Learning courses to your staff year after year. Almost all our clients are repeat customers because of the assurance we give them in the consistency of our delivery. Courses can be delivered to learners at once or in batches as they complete each course. Learners will receive a certificate for each course they complete. Managers will be able to monitor the progress of each learner as they complete their courses using the ACCPA E-Learning solution.

Easy to Navigate Platform

The layout of the learning platform makes it friendly to use and easy for the user to move from one page to the next.

Learner Monitoring System

Managers can see all their learners in the system and monitor their progress through the courses.

Recordkeeping of Results

Managers can retrieve the historical training records of each learner at any time.

Downloadable Reports

Information from the system can be generated in excel or word format and downloaded for internal use.

Certificate of Completion

Each learner will receive a certificate after successfully completing a course.

Self-Service Account

Each learner is provided with login details to access and control their E-Learning account.

Empower your staff with the knowledge and expertise they need to perform their duties.

ACCPA Courses for Corporate Professional Staff

ACCPA support employers to provide world-class training to their staff. As an international trainer of corporate staff, ACCPA has the capacity to provide training to the staff any institution - small or large. Many employers struggle to provide training to their employees in the different departments. That's why ACCPA is here to support the training needs of employers that seek to deliver training to staff in various departments. Employers can select courses from over 100 courses in the ACCPA catalog for their staff training. Employees who complete ACCPA courses will receive a certificate of authentication. See course catalog for full course list.