KYC E-Screening Solution

AML Screening Made Easy

KYC E-Screening is a world-class transaction monitoring solution that enables banks and financial institutions to comply with anti-money laundering legislation while reducing exposure to fraud risk. KYC E-Screening allows for automated screening without human interference. Integration is done via API.

KYC E-Screening provides three distinct methods for conducting PEP and Sanctions screening. These methods include Manual, Batch, and Automation. Manual screening is conducted by searching for customers one at a time. Batch screening is conducted by uploading a list of customers from an excel document into the system. Automated screening is the type of screening that is performed directly by the system itself via API integration. The method selected for screening will largely depend on the needs and budget of the institution. Each method comes with its advantages to the institution.

PEP Screening

Screen your customers against verified PEP data from the World-Risk Database, the world’s largest PEP database.

Batch Screening

Effortlessly screen millions of customers through a single search using a highly-automated batch screening platform.

Sanctions Screening

Screen your customers against every major sanction regime in the world, including OFAC and the HM Treasury List.

Adverse Media

Seamlessly conduct negative media check on all customers during the onboarding process to verify their reputation.

Ongoing Monitoring

Quietly monitor customer that have already been onboarded using an automated back-end screening functionality.

Case Management

Onboard high-risk customers using a dynamic case management platform that documents the investigation process.

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The KYC E-Screening Solution comes in four different packages. Each package offers a set of features and functionalities.