World-PEP Database

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World-PEP is a PEP/Sanctions screening database designed to enable you check your client records against verified list of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and Specially Designated Individuals (SDN). World-PEP has been developed to assist reporting entities in meeting their obligations under AML/CTF regulations in an efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective manner. World-PEP is designed to reduce your institution’s potential exposure to PEP and KYC risk using a bespoke platform to provide up-to-date risk profiles of politically exposed persons and sanctioned individuals.

The World-PEP database provides detailed coverage in 240 countries, with a special emphasis on key countries posing greater risk to our clients, requiring greater depth of information, including information on opposition party members, shadow government officials, influence peddlers, and other risk-relevant individuals. Our PEPs database was vetted and shaped by experts from the Wolfsberg Group, the U.S. intelligence community, FATF, and former AML officers. We have more adverse media and risk relevant items to build risk profiles that reveal the true risk of a person.

Global PEP Data

World-PEP is a Global Database. It covers over 240 territories around the world. Every country in the world is listed in World-PEP

Sanctions Data

The World-PEP Database covers every major sanctions regime in the world, including the OFAC and HM Treasury List.

Organization Data

Get access to a verified list of organizations that have been sanctioned by national governments and international regulatory bodies.

Vessel Data

Get access to a verified list of vessels that have been sanctioned by regulatory bodies and national authorities.

Adverse Media

Each PEP profile has an adverse media column that holds negative media coverage, corruption allegations, and issues of embezzlement

Daily Updates

The PEP list contained in the World-PEP database is updated on a daily basis to capture new government appointments

See what the World’s Largest PEP Database can do for you.

Global PEP& Sanctions Risk Intelligence

Check your client records against verified list of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and Specially Designated Nationals (SDN).

Fugitive List

  • FBI Wanted List
  • INTERPOL Wanted List
  • CBI Wanted List
  • NCA Wanted List
  • CSIS Wanted List
  • ASIO Wanted List

PEP List

  • Heads of State
  • Cabinet Ministers
  • Global Sanctions Screening
  • Governors of regions and provinces
  • Elected officials of districts and counties
  • Members of ruling royal families
  • Political Party Leaders
  • Central Bank Governors
  • Ambassadors
  • Judges
  • Non-elected government officials
  • Senior executives of state-owned enterprises
  • Senior government officials
  • Senior military officials
  • Heads of International Organizations

Sanctions List

  • HM Treasury List
  • OFAC List
  • Bureau of Industry and Security
  • Department of State
  • EU Terrorism List
  • SDN & Blocked Entities
  • ICE List
  • SECO List (Sweden)
  • EUROPOL List
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • UN Consolidated List
  • OCC Shell Bank List
  • BIS Denied Persons List
  • OSFI Designated List (Canada)
  • DFAT Sanctions List (Australia)
  • World Bank Debarred Parties List